TMA Scalping Strategy MT5

 TMA Scalping Strategy MT5: Adapting Scalping with TMA for MT5

The TMA Scalping Strategy for MT5 is a translation of the original concept of scalping with the TMA indicator, initially developed for MT4. While the core concept remains the same, adjustments have been made to suit the MT5 platform. It is important to note that the TMA indicators used in this strategy may recalculate, potentially causing the arrows to disappear. However, this characteristic is relative, as the primary objective of these arrows is to guide traders to favorable entry points within the context of the trend, which is determined by a trend-following indicator that does not recalculate.

Strategy Setup

TMA Scalping Strategy MT5
Time Frame: Applicable on time frames as short as 1 minute or higher, although volatile pairs are preferable due to lower spreads.

Metatrader 5 Indicators

This strategy employs the following MT5 indicators:

FX Sniper Bands: This indicator assists in assessing price levels and potential entry points.

Rebounds Arrows: While these arrows recalculate, their role is to aid in identifying suitable entry points aligned with the trend.

Color MACD Candles: This indicator helps to visualize market trends.

Silver Trend NRTR Indicator: This trend-following indicator provides guidance for trading in the direction of the prevailing market trend.

Trading Rules for Scalping with TMA MT5

Trade Direction: Execute trades exclusively in the direction of the established trend.


Observe a green line on the Silver Trend NRTR indicator.

Look for "Buy" rebound arrows.

Confirm that the trade setup aligns with the overall trend direction.


Identify a red line on the Silver Trend NRTR indicator.

Search for "Sell" rebound arrows.

Ensure the trade setup is consistent with the prevailing trend.

Exit Position

Place your initial stop loss below/above the previous swing high/low to manage risk effectively.

Consider taking profits at the opposite band, upon spotting an opposite arrow, or when the Silver Trend indicator changes direction.

Here are practical trade examples illustrating the application of the TMA Scalping Strategy in MT5:

In summary, the TMA Scalping Strategy for MT5 adapts the original concept to the MT5 platform, retaining the essence of scalping with TMA while accounting for indicator recalculations. By adhering to the strategy's rules and following the trend, traders can confidently navigate the markets and capture profitable opportunities.

Trade Examples

TMA Scalping Strategy MT5

TMA Scalping Strategy MT5

TMA Scalping Strategy MT5


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