Simple trend strategy MT5

 Simple Trend Strategy for MT5: A Robust Trend-Following Approach

The "Simple Trend Strategy MT5" is a powerful trend momentum strategy that leverages the MACD Flat indicator to identify trends and entry points effectively. This strategy is characterized by its simplicity and the reliability of MACD Flat as a trend-following filter, making it a strong choice for traders.

Simple trend strategy MT5

Strategy Overview

The "Simple Trend Strategy MT5" is specifically designed for traders looking to capture and ride trends. It relies on the MACD Flat indicator to generate clear and robust trading signals.

Strategy Setup

Time Frame: Suitable for time frames of 15 minutes or higher, allowing for flexibility in trading preferences.

Currency Pairs: Applicable to a wide range of currency pairs.

Metatrader 5 Indicators

The strategy incorporates the following indicators:

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) 100: This moving average helps assess the trend's strength and direction.

Trend Detector: This indicator is essential for identifying trend conditions in the market.

Jurik Moving Average (JMA) Green Line: The green JMA line contributes to confirming the trend's direction.

Trend Bar: This indicator is used to enhance trend analysis and signal generation.

MACD Flat: The core indicator of the strategy, MACD Flat, plays a crucial role in identifying trend signals.

Trading Rules


Look for a MACD indicator displaying a green square.

Observe a green or blue candle on the chart.

Ensure the ribbon is positioned below the candles (as indicated by the Trend Detector).

Confirm that the JMA line is green.


Seek a MACD indicator showing a red square.

Identify a red or maroon candle on the chart.

Verify that the ribbon is situated above the candles (according to the Trend Detector).

Make sure that the JMA line is red.

Exit Position

Place your initial stop loss below/above the previous swing high/low to manage risk.

Consider taking profits at a 1:1.12 risk-reward ratio or when the ribbon (Trend Detector) changes direction.


This strategy has demonstrated its effectiveness, making it a winning choice for trend-following traders.

Here are some practical trade examples illustrating how the "Simple Trend Strategy MT5" can be applied:

In conclusion, the "Simple Trend Strategy MT5" is a straightforward yet highly effective approach to trend following. By incorporating MACD Flat and adhering to the strategy's rules, traders can confidently navigate the markets with the goal of capturing and profiting from trends.

Trade examples

Simple Trend Strategy MT5

Simple Trend Strategy MT5

Simple Trend Strategy MT5


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