Digi Arrow MT5 Trading System

 Digi Arrow MT5 Trading System: A Streamlined Trend Momentum Approach

The Digi Arrow MT5 Trading System is a straightforward and effective trend momentum strategy meticulously crafted for the MetaTrader 5 platform. This strategy combines momentum and trend indicators to generate well-timed signals. It excels in diverse market conditions, making it suitable for lateral movements and medium-term trends.

Digi Arrow MT5 Trading System

Strategy Setup

Time Frame: Versatile application, with effectiveness observed on time frames starting from 5 minutes and upwards.

Instrument: Compatible with various currency pairs, indices, and gold.

Platform: MetaTrader 5

Profitability: High

Strategy Type: Trend Momentum, making it ideal for both day trading and swing trading.

Metatrader 5 Indicators

The strategy utilizes the following MetaTrader 5 indicators:

Radar Trend: This indicator assists in determining the prevailing trend direction.

Rocket Launcher: The Rocket Launcher indicator plays a crucial role in the strategy, providing valuable momentum insights.

Digi Arrow: This indicator generates precise entry signals when it aligns with the trend indicator.

Trading Rules for Digi Arrow Strategy

Trade Direction: Execute trades in the direction of the market's trend.


Look for a Digi Arrow displaying a "Buy" signal.

Observe the Rocket Launcher indicator with a blue line.

Confirm that the Radar Trend indicator points upwards, indicating the trend's direction.


Search for a Digi Arrow showing a "Sell" signal.

Verify that the Rocket Launcher indicator features a red line.

Ensure the Radar Trend indicator aligns with the trend by pointing downwards.

Exit Position

Exit the trade when any of the indicators change their direction, ensuring prudent risk management.

To effectively implement this strategy, open multiple charts with varying time frames and execute trades when the specified conditions align.

Let's illustrate the application of the Digi Arrow MT5 Trading System with practical trade examples:

In conclusion, the Digi Arrow MT5 Trading System presents a simplified yet powerful approach to trend momentum trading. By combining the indicators and adhering to the trading rules, traders can confidently navigate various market conditions and capture favorable trading opportunities.

Trade Examples

Digi Arrow MT5 Trading System

Digi Arrow MT5 Trading System

Digi Arrow MT5 Trading System

Digi Arrow MT5 Trading System


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