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FX Trading Machine

  FX Trading machine is a trend following price action trading system. Based on trend indicators and support and resistance indicators. Th...

Xsupetrend Gold Strategy

Xsupetrend Gold Strategy trend following trading system is a fairly simple system for trend trading, which offers a choice of two ways to o...

Swing Forex Dashboard

Forex trading indicator Swing Dashboard is a tool that help the traders, indicates, buys and sells trading points from arrows. This indica...

Trend Arrows -MT4 Indicator-

The Trend Indicator Trend Arrows creates support and resistance lines in the form of arrows on the price chart. Features Trend Arrows ...

Forex Millionaire Indicator MT4

Forex Millionaire Indicator is a trend following indicator 100% Non-repaint indicator And accuracy 95-98%. This Is for scalping and swing t...