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Forex Pip Rider

Forex Pip Rider is a trend momentum trading system. Based on customized indicators MT4. Buy and Sell Long/Buy signal 1. Open a weekly chart...

Butterfly Forex System

Butterfly forex system is a trend following trading system. Butterfly forex system features: Type: Trend Following. Style: Scalping, Day trq...

Forex Uranus Binary Strategy

Forex Uranus Binary Strategy is a trading system based on level stop and reverse as direction and PT indicator as timing. Forex Binary Uran...

Trend Symphony Indicator MT4

Trend Symphony Indicator MT4 is a trend following indicator based on moving averages. Features of Trend Symphony Indicator MT4 Type: Tr...

Forex COG Regression Strategy

Forex COG strategy it’s based on Center of Gravity and can be applied ot any market and any timeframe, althoguht I’ve seen it used for the ...