Turbo Win trading system MT5

 Turbo Win Trading System for MT5 is a successful strategy that revolves around trend action, leveraging accurate support and resistance points, and trend indicators. Its key feature lies in the setup of the Supply and Demand indicator, fine-tuned to identify significant price zones and untested yet relevant areas. The strategy is straightforward: when the price rebounds within these zones and the QQE (Quantitative Qualitative Estimation) generates a signal (cross), it is confirmed by an indicator below the chart.

In essence, the strategy relies on recognized and tested levels, granting these zones higher reliability that mirrors the market's structure more accurately.

Strategy Setup

Time Frame: 5 minutes or higher.

Suitable for any currency pairs, indices, and gold. Metatrader 5 Indicators Used


Supply and Demand

Trend filter (positioned below the main chart)

Trading Rules for the Turbo Gain Strategy Buy Signal:

Price rebounds from the support level.

QQE demonstrates an upward cross.

Trend filter below the chart displays a blue bar.

Sell Signal:

Price rebounds from the resistance level.

QQE shows a downward cross.

Trend filter below the chart exhibits a red bar.

Exiting Positions:

Take profit before reaching the support or resistance zone, or maintain a minimum stop-loss ratio of 1:1.25.

Set an initial stop loss below/above the support/resistance zone.

Trade Examples:

The Turbo Win Trading System strategically combines price action, key support and resistance levels, and indicators to identify appropriate moments to enter or exit trades. This system's focus on confirmed signals and tested market zones offers a reliable framework for traders to engage in profitable exchanges across various markets and time frames.

Turbo Win trading system MT5

Turbo Win trading system MT5

Turbo Win trading system MT5

Turbo Win trading system MT5


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