Ionosfera Binary Options System

Ionosfera's trading strategy is designed to trade binary options. Option buy signals are generated when the price rebounds on the support and resistance levels.
A feature of the Ionosphere strategy is the presence of an information panel that displays trading statistics.
Input parameters
Currency pairs: any
Binary Options Expiration: 1 candle
Time Frame: M5
Trading time: any
Risk management: choose such a volume of options so that the risk does not exceed 2-5% of the deposit per transaction
Installation of indicators and system model
Unpack the archive with models and indicators
Copy the indicators into the MQL4 -> indicators folder
Copy the templates into the templates folder
Reboot the terminal
Opening the graph of the required currency pair
Install a model called the Ionosphere
The chart should look like this:
Signals indicating the buy of a Call option
the price rose from the support level by big red dots;
a blue arrow appeared up.
Ionosphere binary options trading strategy
Example of buy a Call option
Signals indicating the purchase of a Put option
the price fell from the resistance level from the big green points;
a red down arrow appeared.
Ionosphere binary options trading strategy
Example of selling a Put option

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