Yif forex system - youth in forex dynamic software

YIF Forex System is a trend following strategy based on moving averages.
How to trade using the youth in forex dynamic software
Above is an example of how your Metatrader 4 Should be looking after applying the system,
If it is not looking like that, please repeat the steps given on the Instructions.
When to Place Trades?
The software lets you know when to When either BUY or SELL, and That what is everyone is looking for as a trader, to know when to PLACE trades and to Which direction Should the Trades be placed.
Every time there is a CHANGE of direction in the market, you will get to 'Yellow Point' with a DOT inside of it, When the DOT is Red, That That means we are BUYING, and when to the DOT is Blue That means That we are SELLING. That the notes'BUY' and 'SELL' are not written on the chart. It is indicato to enlighten you. Before placing your trades, you must confirm with the TREND Order to know to long you will be holding your trades.
See the example below
The SOFTWARE has given a SELL signal and the trend is STRONG downtrend (-100%). Notes That it will not be like that every time, sometimes you would get a SELL signal yet the Trend would be a WEAK uptrend. That means the Market That would be still going up Bit, yet it will hit down, I know it is safe to place your Trades.
See the example of a SELL signal with a WEAK Uptrend
The SOFTWARE gave a SELL signal yet WARNING us That the trend is still going up yet it has
No Strength, I know we SELL with a proper lot size, expecting the price to go up a bit and like Back down. Targets: Take Profit and Stop Loss
When you apply your YIF Secret Profit Zone, it gives you 1st and 2nd targets where You Should
Place your Take Profits. This one needs your Attention, for example, The targets That You See On the picture above, were for the SELL signal, notes That the market was still going a bit Down and as soon as the market start hitting up, the TARGETS will move to a buying position.
Download YIF Forex System.

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  3. Where i can download this bro?, send me to ing.ache7@gmail.com please god bless ya

    1. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1U_IDJ4nqcVNewWVR-R4DpmH3pgYK8koI

  4. Hello. Thank you for this system. Quick question: Is the yellow point a repainting indicator? Thank you for your time!

  5. Hi,I like the YIF Dynamic software I just have one major question. Can you explain how the zones work? The yellow,red and purple dotted lines need more explanation. Please revert back to me even if its by email wplug061@gmail.com


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