Blog Trader Scalping Forex Strategy

Blog Traders intraday trading strategy is a fairly simple yet effective trending system for day trading and scalping.
Input parameters
Currency pairs: any with a low spread
Timing: M5 and later
Trading hours: London, New York
Risk Management: Choose a lot size such that the risk does not exceed 2-5% of the deposit per trade
Indicators used
Clock time
Stop and reverse (period 10, multiplier 3.0)
Zorex V.3
Installation of indicators and system template
Unpack the archive with templates and indicators
Copy the indicators into the MQL4 -> indicators folder
Copy the templates to the templates folder
Restart the terminal
Opening the chart of the required currency pair
Install a template called Blog Traders
The graph should look like this:
Trading rules Blog Trader Scalping Forex Strategy

Long Entry
Signals that indicate the opening of a buy position
a blue up arrow appeared;
the blue line of the Vortex indicator is above the red one;
green histogram of Zorex V.3.
Short entry
Signalss that indicate the opening of a sell position
a red down arrow appeared;
the red line of the Vortex indicator is above the blue;
red histogram of Zorex V.3.
Stop loss and take profit setting
the stop loss is set above / below the previous local maximum / minimum;
the take profit is set at 15-30 points depending on the currency pair and the time period.
Before using Blog Traders trading strategy for day trading and scalping on a real deposit, we recommend that you test it on a demo account.
In the pictures examples of trades of Blog Trader Scalping Forex Strategy.

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