Trend FX Arrow

Trend FX arrow was designed ease and simplicity to your trading life. which will be useful for both an experienced trader and a beginner. This based in the variation of Half Trend.
Features of Trend FX Indicator
Style: Day trading and swing trading
Type:Trend following
Platform :- Metatrader4
Asset :- Major currency pair and minors
Candle Time frame :- 5 min and Higher
Trading Time: New York, London, Tokyo
Profittability: high.
Trading rules Trend FX Arrow
Long Entry
When appear blue arrow with the blue line it's time to ready for the long entry.
Make sure that currency pair is, when it strong it will show in blue color.
Short Entry
When appear red arrow with the red line it's time to ready for the short entry
Make sure that currency pair is in the mouvement strong, when it strong, it will show in red color.
When appear white arrow with the White line it's time to ready for the
Make sure hat currency pair is very strong with white color.
In the pictures of Trend FX arrow.

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