Buy-Sell Alerts Forex System

Buy-Sell Alerts Forex System is a trend following system for day trading and swing trading based on the Buy Sell alert indicator and NWO Trend indicator.
Features of Buy-Sell Alerts Forex System
Platform - Metatrader 4.
Asset - Any Currency Pair.
Candle Timeframe – 30 min, H1, H4. Best time frame H1
Style: Day Trading and Swing trading
Type: Trend following
Profittability: high.
Avoide Trading At News Release Time.
Buy/ Sell Arrow Appear With Confirmation Of Currency Meter
Trading Time - Around The Clock.
Metatrader 4 indicators
Buy Sell alerts
Intrtepid Currency meter
NWO 2.0
NWO Trend
Trading rules Buy-Sell Alerts Forex System
Wait for arrow appear
When arrow appear
Currency Strengh Meter +80 take buy or sell trade
Close trade when opposite SNR dor appear.
In the picures examplae of trading with Buy-Sell Alerts Forex System..

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