Volume Profile + Range V.6

Volume Profile +Range V.6 indicator is the best indicator for analyze the volumes of the market.
Key features of the Volume Profile + Range v6.0 indicator
VP: display distributions with a step equal to standard periods
VP-Range: showing distributions for any selected period, various methods of setting calculation boundaries
setting the displayed information (histogram, mode, maximum)
the ability to install several indicators on one chart
The VP indicator divides the chart into equal time ranges and shows the distribution for each. Ranges can be equal only to standard values ​​of timeframes not lower than the current one. For example, for H1, the range can be specified as H1, H4, D1, W1, MN1.
VP-Range only works on one range. Boundaries can be specified in one of several ways:
arbitrarily using vertical lines
use the number of the last minutes of the schedule
set the right border and the number of minutes before it
When specifying borders along lines, the bar of the right border is not taken into account in the calculations. This is done so that when switching timeframes, the initial data and, accordingly, the type of distribution does not change.

Bars of higher timeframes may contain fewer bars of lower timeframes than one would expect from the calculations. This is due to natural holes in the history of quotations formed due to low liquidity, as well as due to interruptions in work. Therefore, if you tell the Volume Profile + Range v6.0 trading indicator to show a week before a bar, then the time of the left border may not coincide with the time of the right one. Different brokers may have slightly different data, but despite this, due to the use of a large amount of data in the calculations, the result is similar.

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