YMS Forex Scalper

YMS Forex Scalper is a trend momentum strategy for day trading based on MA and oscillator stochastic.
YMS Scalper has a 95% win rate with a take-profit of 5-10 pips and, as follows from such a small TP, it is mainly intended for scalping. 90% - win rate is a very good result, but is it really so? You can verify this personally, because you can freely download this indicator and test it
Features of the YMS Scalper
Type:Trend Momentum strategy.
Style: Day trading.
plataform metatrader 4
Currency pairs: major, minor
Trading Time: all sessions (Tokio, London and New York).
This Strategy is based on three indicators: Moving Average, Oscillator stochastic and some Price Action pattern.
Time frame 15 min or higher, Best time frame H1.
Profittability : 90%.
the template is composed by YMS 1 and 2.
Trading rules YMS Forex Scalper
Long entry
Whene arrow appeared.
Short entry
When red arrow appeared.
An arrow appears on the previous candle at the moment of opening a new (signal) candle. This is a minus, because you have to immediately open a deal without too much thought. And this is not always right. I also assume that the bottom oscillator (nothing more than Stochastic) is designed to filter deals in the direction of the trend. And it works as follows: Oscillator lines below level 0 and directed up - bullish trend (BUY only) Oscillator lines are above level 0 and directed down - bearish trend (SELL only).
Profit Target 5-10 pips depends by currency pairs.
Stop loss below /above the previous price high/low.
In the pictures examples of trading of YAMS Scalper.

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