VR trading indicator calculate martingale lite

The VR Calculate Martingale Lite trading indicator easily calculates the zero close price for any number of orders.
VR trading indicator Calculate Martingale Lite is designed to calculate the average price. It allows the trader to calculate very quickly the price at which all open orders can be closed at zero.
Using the VR Calculate Martingale Lite indicator, the trader creates virtual orders and manually indicates the order volume. The indicator will independently calculate the price for closing these orders.
When the indicator is installed, the "BUY SALE" button appears on the graph, with which you can set how many virtual orders you want, whose volume is set by the trader in the indicator parameters. Orders can be moved with the mouse.
The Calculate Martingale Lite VR trading indicator will be useful for both beginners and traders with experience in trading in the foreign exchange market.
In the picture VR trading indicator calculate martingale lite.

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