Future Volume

Future Volume trend momentum indicator MT4 for Binary and forex trading, suitable for more trading conditions.
Setting and Inputs:
1) “Volume index” and “Filter 1” are giving signals for choppy (sideways) market.
2) “Filter 2” and “Filter 3” are giving signals for trend markets. “Filter 4” is a filter of trend markets.
If you set Volume index=0, Filter1=0 and let others be default, you can see signals for trend markets.
If you set Filter2=0,Filter3=0,Filter4=0 and let others be same, you can see signals of sideways markets.
(0,0,5,3,30) for trend market settings…
(3,2,0,0,0) for sideways (choppy) market settings…
(3,2,5,3,30) for both markets.

Download Future volume indicator MT4

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