Guppy Pivots Method

Guppy Pivots Method is a price action strategy filtered by TDI and Guppy moving averages.
The signals generates by the trading system are confirmed if agree with TDI or below/above blue guppy of moving averages. This trading system is for day trading winning system that uou can apply at all sessions of the market.
Time grame 30 min or 60 min.
Metatrader ndicators:
1 guppy of six slow exponential moving averages.
1 guppy of five fast moving averages.
Pivot levels buy and sell (with stop loss and profit target).
TDI with alert default setting.
Trading rules Guppy Pivots Method
Enter trade at Buy Entry or Sell Entry levels.*
Exit trade at Stop Loss level.*
Consider a partial or full exit at Target 1.*
Consider exiting full position at Target 2.*
Consider re-entry if the market maintains the Daily Open bias. [What does this mean? If price retraces towards the Daily Open but bounces back in the original direction away from the Daily Open, then consider trading again in the original direction when the Buy Entry or Sell Entry is reached.]
Use other indicators such as the Trader Dynamic Index to confirm trend and market direction with guppy of moving averages fast, (conservative trading with also slow guppy moving averages).
In the pictures examples of trades with Guppy Pivot Method.

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