Envelopes indicator mq4

Envelopes is one of the MT4 default indicators. The indicator can actually be used together with the moving average. If used together, the indicator display will be as follows:
The three lines form a wave with a MA line in the middle. The blue and red lines move away from the MA because it is measured based on the deviation. The deviation can be adjusted to adjust the trading style. Scalpers are advised to use MA in the 21st period and deviations of less than 0.5%. While Swing Trader may use an MA more than 50% and more than 0.5% deviation.
MA Envelopes highlights some areas where prices will rebound during the trend. Here are some guidelines for using MA Envelope: Paying attention to the possibility of a bearish reversal during the uptrend there is a pullback (retracement) During the downward trend, the price moves from the central line to the red line. If you are in a downward trend there is a rally until it goes back over the red line, beware of the possibility of a bullish reversal. The advantage of the MA envelope compared to the conventional moving average is its ease in "isolating" trend movements. You can make a profit by highlighting price movements that will be reversed when prices bounce on red or blue lines.
Simple template with Envelopes:
Simple moving average 14 period close.
Envelopes 14 period, 0.25.
In the picures Envelopes with MA


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