Trading with Zone Indicator

 Zone indicator is a price action indicator that draws levels of Support and resistance on the chart with precision and these levels are important because the price often has a reaction when it touches them. Therefore it is very important to configure this indicator because it offers excellent operational indications with a lot of precision.

Trading with Zone Indicator

Setup Strategy

Time Frame 15 min or higher

Currency pairs : Majors, minrs, Gold, Indices.

MT4 indicators

Zone Indicator 2 time frame higher than the base time frame.

Binary Code

Symbol Changer

3 Z level semphore

Zig Zag arrow.

Trading rules

The most important and expected event of the trading system is that the price has to bounce two levels drawn by the zone indicator.

Long Entry

Price bounces off the support.
Buy arrow of Binary Code.

Short Entry

Price bounces off the resistance.
Sell arrow of Binary Code.

Exit position

Place initial stop loss above below the zone.

Profit Target ratio 1:1.3 stop loss of before the opposite level.

Trading with Zone Indicator

Trading with Zone Indicator

Trading with Zone Indicator

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