I Trend with arrow

 Itrend with arrow is a trend following indicator metatrader 4. The original purpose of this indicator was very ambitious to determine the end of a trend.

The non-repainting iTrend indicator is one of the most truly profitable trend trading indicators we've so far come across.

How to use Itrend with arrow

Visually pleasing and easy to use, even at just a glance even novice traders can use this code to spot the trend.

No need to use other confirmation tools, the itrend can be used on it's own for Entering and Exiting.

Does a good job at guiding traders on where the actual trend starts, and also, where the trend ends.

The Second level can be used as a sure-fire signal for scalping entries or re-joining existing trends, especially during "bursts" of volatility.

Comes with 40+ different types of Averages to use as the iTrend's calculation including ADXVMA (hence the "Averages" in it's name)

Works remarkably well for trading Futures, Forex, Cryptocurrency and Indices.

How to instal Itrend mt4 indicator .

This is the MT4 indicator file that you would have downloaded. ...

    Open the data folder.

    Open MQL4 file Open the indicators fold Paste the file.

    Restart MetaTrader 4.

    In the picture examples of trades

    ITrend with arrow

    ITrend with arrow

    ITrend with arrow

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