Forex Ergodic Spike Indicator

 Forex Ergodic Spike Indicator is a momentum indicator based on Commodities Channel Index.
Features of Forex Ergodic Spike Indicator
Style: say trading and swing trading.
Style: Momentum.
Time Frame 5 min or higher.
Currency pairs: any.
Terminal: Metatrader 4.
Best markets :side ways, medium trend.
Profittability: high.
System Rules
Go Long:
The long signal occurs when ergodic spike curve turns
blue and CCI / STEPMA Cross yellow line is above.
Go Short:
The short signal occurs when ergodic spike curve turns
white and CCI / STEPMA Cross yellow line is below.
Exit rules:
Exit trade when Ergonic Spike curve changes color against your
direction. Note that CCI / STEPMA Cross yellow line will
always be testing Ergonic Spike curve line bouncing back to
trend direction. This is a perfect way to place your stop loss or apply
trailing stop along those bounces!
Indicator installation
MT4 900+ built installation guide
Open MT4 platform. Click: File / Open Data Folder. Inside click:
MQL4 / Indicators - and paste indicator.
Paste template to Templates folder.
After finished restart you MT4 platform for changes to apply.
We recommend not to risk more than 2% of
your initial capital per trade.
The system! It contains of one custom made indicator.
Each time direction change you will receive pop up alert.
In the pictures examples of trades with Forex Ergodic Spike Indicator

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