Awesome with Alligator Scalping

Awesome with Alligator Scalping is a trading system for short time frame M1 and M5 based on bill williams indicators: awesome and alligator.
Features of Awesome with Alligator Scalping
Type : Price Action
Style: Scalping and Day trading
Time Frame 1 min, 5 min.
Currency pairs: Majors and minors.
Terminal Metatrader 4
Profittability: high.
Trading Rules
I take Trend Direction from M5 and I make Entries and Add-ons on M1 When Entry Indicator Alerts, Check these Rules before putting a pending order.
Entry Setup
1: Saddle Point (Bracket the Market)
Rule 1: Alligator sleeping
Rule 2: AO Close to ZL
Rule 3: Price Close to Red Line
Setup 2: Open Alligator (Trade with Alligator)
Rule 1: First or Second AIMS out of Open Alligator
Rule 2: AO Close to ZL
Rule 3: Price Close to Red Line and/or Opposite AIMS Before putting a pending I ask how far is my Exit Point?
Exit Setup Green Line: Stop Close on Green Line or AIMS: Trail AIMS 3 pips below and above.
In the pictures example of trading with Awesome with Alligator Scalping.

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