TMA Bands Strategy

TMA Bands Strategy is a trading system based on more triangual moving average (in this case TMA that ricalculates filtered also by momentum indicators. This trading sytem uis for scalping and swing trading.
Features of TMA Bands Strategy
Type of strategy: reversal trend, price action
Strategy: Scalping, day Trading, swing trading.
Time Frame: 5 min or higher.
Currency pairs: any
Plataform: Metatrader 4.
Trading rules TMA Bands Strategy
Big Star and blue dot appears in blue zone.
Big Star and red dot appears in red zone.
Do no entry when the little star appears thi indicator is used only for extit the market and to predict when the trend will change.
Note stars are reapinting indicators. These indicators should not be used to entry buy or sell but is used to out that the dots will appear soon. Whit the addition of this indicator, you can now when opportunity will came. Use the dots to enter in the market because this indicator does not repainting.
In pictures examples of trading with TMA Bands Strategy


  1. I would like to ask the author of the FL03 indicator if it would be possible to add a Push notification to the indicator

  2. Thank, much easier to undestand and better than the multiple versions of the "golden line"


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