Navarra Forex Strategy

Navarra Forex Strategy is an trend Momentum strategy for high time frame based on momentum and trend indicators.
Features of Navarra Forex Strategy
Trading Style Swing trading
Type: Trend Momentum
Time Frame 4H VS H1
Currency pairs: any.
Terminal: Metatrader 4
Metatrader 4 Indicators:
4h TDI
Daily TDI
MACD Candles
Probability Meter
Fx Reactor
RSI filter
TRADING Rules Navarra Forex Strategy:
If you follow the rules you should make some good money. Remember dont be greedy and trade at the right time. Dont trade too much money or some trades will get stopped out. If you lose a trade pretty badly get out of market and dont trade again for about 10 hours. Cool off and learn from your mistake. Study the charts and realize why you lost. Did you take a signal to early. Was the daily going in that direction. Did one hour chart confirm. NOTE: I dont look at one hour too much. Only during the morning not at night. you can check it at night for entry only.
Exit position
Since we are trading 4h timeframe the stop loss has to be pretty big. If you get in around 1am then the market shouldnt go against you more than 40 pips if your trading high volatile pairs. Anyway, stop loss should be 70 pips. If it seems to wide then dont trade as much money. Get the feel for it. Theres nothing like the market going 50 pips against you and your $800 in the hole only to turn around and then go your way. I have been in some trades for 2 days because it was ranging between -40 - -60 pips. I usually take profits at pivots, emas, lows and highs. Its up to you how safe or risky you want to be.
In the folder there are more templates for any pairs.
In pictures examples of Navarra Forex Strategy.

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