Rsioma Strategy

Rsioma strategy is a momentm trading system based on RSIOma indicator.

RSIOMA is a smoothed version of the RSI.

Pairs: EUR / USD, Aud / USD, GBP / other major, S & P500 and Nasdaq100.

Time frame: 1M and 5M.

Max Spread: 0.00025.

Metatrader4 Indicators:

2MA crossover (default);

Heiken Ashi smoothed;

Rsioma (default);

DoubleCCIWoody (default);


Trading Rules RSIOMA Strategy
Go Long

Signal Buy 2MA crossover;
DoubleCCI Woody is green;

Go short

Signal Buy 2MAcrossover;

DoubleCCI Woody is green;


Exit position 1min TF:

Target price: 10 pips or Fib level;

Stop loss: 10 pips or HA changed color from green to red.

Exit position 5 minutes time frame .:

Target price: 15 pips or Fiblevel;

Stop loss: 12pips or HA changed color from red at green.

DON'T Trade During News

If there is a news event and it occurs during your trading times, never

trade 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the news event.


RSIOMA Trading Stratgy

RSIOMA Trading Stratgy

RSIOMA Stratgy

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