Antialligator indicator Metatrader 4

 Antialligator is a Momentum indicator fo MT4. The indicator is conditionally trendy, more swinging, it is also suitable for scalping on M5, M15. At the heart of the well-known alligator by Bill Williams, only its signals are inverted - where you need to buy, the indicator gives a sell signal and vice versa. With its much more reliable signals, it completely discredits the Williams theory on small timeframes.

It happens that 2-3 arrows jump out in a row, such signals are more significant. Arrows sometimes disappear, but if an arrow appears on the first bar, which is confirmed by a column in the basement, then it will not disappear.

How to instal Antialligator mt4 indicators .

These are the MT4 indicator files that you would have downloaded. ...

    Open the data folder.

    Open MQL4 file Open the indicators fold Paste the files.

    Restart MetaTrader 4.

    Antialligator indicator Metatrader 4

    Antialligator indicator Metatrader 4

    Antialligator indicator Metatrader 4

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