Volume Trading Strategy

 Volume Trading Strategy is trend momentum strategy based on overbought and oversold points, which are built in turn based on the volume of the candle.

This strategy is positioned by developers as a professional tool for predicting trend changes with the most accurate signals. The signals of indicators do not repaint nor recalculate. If the arrows appeared on the chart, then they do not vanish.

The system is good and can be used for Forex, Binary Options and Stock Markets.

Setup strategy:

Type Day trading and swing trading.

Style: Trend momentum.

Time Frame 15 minutes or higher.

Currency pairs: any.

Trading Rules

Blue signals indicate oversold levels where a price increases are expected.

Red signals indicate overbought levels where a price decline is expected.

For filtering false signals, a histogram has been added below the chart.

When the color of the signal matches

the color of the histogram, a valid signal appears to open a trade.

Buy - blue arrow (bar) + blue histogram

Se ll - red arrow (bar) + red histogram

Examples of trades.

Volume Trading Strategy

Volume Trading Strategy

Volume Trading Strategy

Volume Trading Strategy

Volume Trading Strategy



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