Trend Arrows -MT4 Indicator-

The Trend Indicator Trend Arrows creates support and resistance lines in the form of arrows on the price chart.
Features Trend Arrows
Type trend following indicator
Style: day trading and swing as filter
Currency pairs any.
Time Frame:any
Terminal Metatrader 4
To calculate the indicator values, the average price of a currency pair for a given number of bars (iPeriod) is used: in the event of a downward trend, the indicator constructs only the resistance line (red arrows);in a bullish trend, a support line (green arrows).
If the price of a currency pair approaches the support or resistance level and does not break it at the current bar, then this is a signal to buy or sell.
The confirmation for opening an order will be the appearance of the next arrow, which will confirm the current trend or indicate that the market situation has changed.
The Trend Arrows trend trading indicator, with a certain parameter setting, can be used not only for classic trading, but also for trading binary options with a trend filter.
In the pictures Trend Arrows indicator MT4

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