Bollinger Bands with Moving Averages

The trend trading strategy of Bollinger Bands Montecarlo for assets with high volatility It is based on the idea of ​​using Bollinger bands in combination with moving averages, which allows us to determine short and medium term price reversals.
Input parameters
Currency pairs: highly volatile assets - GBP / JPY, GBP / NZD, CAD / JPY, AUD / JPY, EUR / NZD, stock indices, oil, gold, etc.
Time interval: M1 and earlier
Offer time: any
Risk management: after calculating the stop loss, choose 2-5% max of the deposit per transaction
Bollinger Bands (20, 1)
Moving average (50, median)
Moving average (13, median)
Unzip the archive
Copy the model to the model folder
Copy the indicators into the MQL4 folder -> indicators
Reboot the terminal
Open the chart of the desired currency pair
Install the model called BB Montecarlo

The chart should look like this:
Determine the direction of the trend
The author of the strategy recommends opening positions exclusively in the direction of the trend, which is determined as follows:
 bullish trend - MA (50) crossed the midline of the Bollinger bands from bottom to top, MA (13) crossed MA (50) from top to bottom;
downward trend - MA (50) crossed the midline of the Bollinger Bands from top to bottom, MA (13) crossed MA (50) from bottom to top.
Signals indicating the opening of a long position
there are signs of an upward trend;
a buy position opens when the candle closes over the top edge of the Bollinger Bands.
Signals indicating the opening of a short position
there are signs of a downward trend;
a sell position opens when the candle closes below the bottom edge of the Bollinger bands.
Set a stop loss and take the profit order
Stop loss is set above / below the opposite edge of the Bollinger bands;
Profit is set by asset and time frame or at one of the pivot levels.
Advice of the author of the strategy
if the Bollinger bands or the moving averages are directed horizontally, this indicates a lateral tendency: most of the signals in the apartment will be false.
note that the number of trading signals will be inversely proportional to the increase in time: the greater the time interval, the less trading signals the strategy will generate.
more advanced operators can experience the replacement of moving averages with their more advanced changes, where the delay is minimized, which will increase the accuracy of the inputs.
Before using Bollinger Bands' trend trading strategy on a real deposit, be sure to test it on a demo account.
Bollinger Bands with Moving Averages

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