IMBD Forex Strategy

IMBD forex strategy isa price action momentum strategy based on IMBD indicator filtered by support and resistance levels on the chart. . IMDB Forex strategy is formed by Lucky Reversal indicator based on Zig Zag and alwayes recalculates and IBMD indicator below the main chart (trend-momentum indicator).
Features IMBD Forex Strategy:
Type of strategy Price Action momentum
Style:day trading and swing trading
Currency pairs: any.
Time Frame 15 min or higher.
Profittability: high.
Terminal: Metatrader 4.
Metatrader 4 Indicators:
Lucky Reversal alert
Trading rules IMBD Forex Strategy
The lucky forex reversal indicator is as a support or resistance line indicator. So, once you get a signal from the IMDB indicator on that time price must be near lucky reversal indicator. If the price is so far to that support line or resistance line, don’t enter for a trade.
Support line more buy arrow of IMBD indicator. (only buy).
Resistance line more sell arrow of IMBD indicator (only sell).
Exit position
Initial stop loss 10-20 pips below/above support or resistance line.
Profit target minimun ratio stop loss/profit target 1:15.
In the pictures example of trades of IMBD Forex Strategy.


  1. Hi, does the IMDB indicator gives a pop-up alert when the signal arrow appears?


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