Darvas Pointer Scalping

Darvas Pointer scalping is a simple strategy breakout for intraday trading based on Darvas Pointer indicator.Darvas Pointer indicator non reapaint. This indicator is especially suitable for the 15 min time frame. This strategy is based on two Darvas Pointer indicators the signals for trading are generated when all the two indicators are agree, then the strategy is very simple and also suitable for beginners.
Features Darvas Pointer Scalping
Style: Breakout, day trading.
Currency pairs: major and indices.
Platform metatrader 4.
Winning ratio 70%.
Edging allowed.
Trading sessions. Any.
Metatrader 4 indicator setting
Darvas Pointer indicator (5, 2.0)
Darvas Pointer indicator (5, 1.5)
Pivot points levels
Trading rules Darvas Pointer Scalping
Darvas Pointer indicator (5, 2.0) blue bar.
Darvas Pointer indicator (5, 1.5) blue bar.
Darvas Pointer indicator (5, 2.0) white bar.
Darvas Pointer indicator (5, 1.5) white bar.
Exit position at the levels of pivot point level or with ratio stop loss 1:12.
Initial stop loss at the previous swing high/low.
We recommend applying this template 4-6 currency pairs simultaneously.
In the pictures Darvas Pointer Scalping examples of trades.

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