Fischer Scalping Strategy

Fischer Scalping Strategy is a treding system trend momentum price action trading system based on two moving averages and three confirm, but the peculiarity of this trading system is how the Fischer indicator is used to filter the trading signals generated by the two moving averages. Two levels are added to the Fisher indicator. The signals are valid when these two levels are exceeded. however to make the filter system solid I also added the MACD and the RSI.
Features of Fischer scalping system
Type of trading system: scalping and day trading
Time Frame 5 min or 15 min
Currency pairs: major
plataform: metatrader 4
Sessions: London and New York
Metatrader 4 Indicators
Simple moving average 6 period, median.
Simple moving average 6 period, median, shift 1.
Support and resistace indicator (price action).
Zig Zag buy and Sell arrow
Fischer oscillator 10 period.
MACD (12, 26, 9).
RSI (14 period, close).
Trading rules Fischer Scalpin Strategy
Support dot line below the candles.
Zig Zag buy arrow.
Moving averages crossing upward.
Fischer above zero and 0.5.
MACD green histogram
RSI near level 50.
Resistancedot line above the candles.
Zig Zag sell arrow.
Moving averages crossing downward.
Fischer above zero and 0.5.
MACD red histogram
RSI near level 50.
Aggressive mode: Line of S/R, Zig Zag arrow, Fischer above/below 0.5, crossing mving averages.
Exit position
Initial stop loss on the previous swing low/high.
Profit Target minimum ratio stop loss 1:1 or or when the opposite conditions are formed.
In the folder in download there are also setting for other time frame.
In the pictures Fischer Scalpin Strategy.

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