Trend Finder Indicator MT4

Trend Finder indicator MT4 is a pure trend following indicator it can be of great help in discretionary trading both as a tendza filter and as a time to enter the market. In any case, this indicator must be used with other trend indicators, filter indicators, price action indicators and can also be used for strategies with binary options.
The indicator draws purchase arrows and sale arrows on the chart.
How to InstallTrend Finder Indicator MT4
Step 1: Install The Indicator:
First, you should have already downloaded the ZIP file containing all
the installation files from your members area and unzip it into your
desktop. Inside that ZIP file, there's this file:
Trend Finder Indicator MT4 .ex4
Open your MT 4 trading platform
Click File --> Open Data Folder
Once you have that data folder open, locate the MQL4 folder inside it.
Then open that MQL4 folder:
Inside that MQL4 folder, you will see the Indicators folder , this is
where you need to copy theTrend Finder Indicator MT4.ex4
from your zip file to.
Next step:
To insert the indicator to your chart, click Insert --> Indicators -->
Custom, then chooseTrend Finder Indicator MT4
In the picturesTrend Finder Indicator MT4. 

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