RED Stochastic Trend Filter

Red Stochastic Trend Filter is a momentum oscillator Stochastic customized.
Description of Red Stochastic Trend Filter
Current version1.11
Windows 7/8/10
The Oscillator Stochastic indicator can be used not only to search for an entry point, but also to filter signals. The trend filter is determined by the principle of crossing the zero line (first floor) and the intersection of the second line (second floor). There is also a distinction for trend decline and growth.
Please note that the classic Stochastic is built from 0 to 100, and the signal lines are levels 20 and 80. In this case, the indicator is built from -50 to 50, and the signal lines -30 and 30. But this is the same!
Features of RED Stochastic Trend Filter settings
The main
Bars Count - the number of history candles on which the indicator works
K Period - settings of the main line of stochastic
D Period - stochastic signal line settings
Slowing - slowing the indicator, smoothing
Level (0-50) - horizontal level, delayed in both directions
MA Price - prices for calculating the moving average
MA Method - type of calculation of the moving average
In the pictures Red Stochastic Trend Filter.
Red Stochastic Trend Filter

Red Stochastic Trend Filter
Red Stochastic Trend Filter

Red Stochastic Trend Filter

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