Rapid Cash Accumulator

Rapid Cash Accumulator is price actio trading systesm created by Nicola Delic. This trading system is based on supprt and resistance filtered by momentum indicators.
Rapid cash Accumulator work on all currency pairs.
Time frame 5 min, 15 mim, 30 min, 60 min, the best results are on 5 min and 15 min time frame.
Rapid Cash Accumulator System uses 6 indicators. This system uses 50 EMA for determining the trend. When price is above 50 EMA, the candles are colored green and when the price is below 50 EMA, the candles are red. The Colored Candles indicator implements this. Just by looking at the chart, you will know whether the trend is up/down or sideways.
SupRes indicator is the support and resistance finder. Support and resistance is a very powerful concept. If you are a professional trader, you should know the power of S/R. This SupRes indicator looks for potential support/resistance levels and paints the support as pink and resistance as green dots. The purpose of this SupRes indicator is to find breakout trades. Breakout trading is very profitable if you can do it right.
Next indicator is the Daily Pivot Points Indicator. It paints the daily pivot level and the daily support 1, support 2, support 2 levels as well as resistance 1, resistance 2 and resistance 3 levels. This Pivot Points Indicator updates the levels at the end of New York Market Session. Support 3/Resistance 3 are two levels that give you a rough idea how much the price can move in a day. If you find the price close to Support 3/Resistance 3 levels or above it, just skip the trade.
The Direction Indicator checks the trend on H4 timeframe. When it finds the trend up, it prints trade bullish setups and when it finds trend down, it prints trade bearish setups. The Direction Indicator gives you the direction in which you should be trading on M5/M15 timeframe. StoRSI and Histogram indicators StoRSI indicator uses a modified RSI and Stochastic formulas. For a long trade you should look for StoRSI to go above 65 levels and for a short trade you should look for StoRSI to go below 35 level. In case of the Histogram, look for green bars when going long and look for red bars when going short. For the buy trade you should look for the following conditions:
  • The Direction Indicator should show BULLISH TRADE SETUP.
  • You should look for a breakout on SupRes Indicator green resistance dots.
  • Histogram should be green.
  • StoRSI must be above 65.
When these conditions are met, don’t wait for the candle to close. Open a long trade. Place the stop loss just below the nearest support. Take profit should be 2 times the stop loss giving a Reward/Risk of 2:1.Rapid Cash Accumulator
Now below are the rules for the sell trade:
  • The Direction Indicator should show TRADE BEARISH SETUP.
  • Wait for the price to break below the SupRes indicator red support lines.
  • Histogram should be red
  • StoRSI should be below 35.

When these conditions are met, open a sell trade immediately without waiting for the candle to close. Place the stop loss above the most recent resistance and take profit should be two times the stop loss giving a Reward/Risk ratio of 2:1. When there is a high impact Economic News Release, stop trading 15 minutes before the news release and wait 15 minutes after the news release before you can start trading again. This system works best on 15 minute timeframe.
Rapid Cash Accumulator

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