Hlock Indicator For Binary Options

Hlock indicator for Binary Options based on the analysis mathematical of the movement of the price. The Indicator calculates the mathematical movement, while achieving the desired performance outputs the signal to the deal.
Does not contain none of the known indicators (MA, RSI, etc.)
The indicator consists of 2 blocks:
1 Block is the indicator Unit 2 is tester 1 UNIT INDICATOR Bar – period analysis of the candles. In this parameter the indicator analyzes the specified number of candles. The optimal period from 10 to 50. The smaller the value, the more signals. Aggressive trading 10, for a quiet(best) 20-25. Trend_Bar – trend analysis. This parameter is the determination of the direction of currency movements. The optimal values of 3 to 7.
1. Bar -10, Trend_Bar-3
2. Bar -15, Trend_Bar-4
3. Bar -21, Trend_Bar-5
2 UNIT TESTER Is a unique tester that can show the results of your settings in the history of at least six months (depending on the maximum of the history in your terminal), at least 1 hour!!! Tester – the tester is switched on
Start_Date - set the date from which to start the test

End_Date – Set the end date of the test ( default is 2020, that is, the test will be at the moment) Expiration – this parameter allows you to calculate the situation with any expertia. 
That is, if you need a test chart 1M and want to make bets with expertia 3 Sich(3 minutes), then put the number "3" and the tester will calculate the result of the 3 candles after the signal.
The arrow appears during the formation, naturally until the bar is closed it can blink, like with any normal indicator. Blinks due to the close condition for entering the position, but not sufficient.
If, at the end of the candle formation, the arrow remains, then we enter the deal, if the arrow has disappeared, then we do not enter, so the condition has not arrived as it should!
In other indicators, if the arrow does not blink, this already means that the indicator is shit, and it does not work in real time!
1. Do not work with martingale !!! Maximum bid + catch. In the martingale block, do not put more than 1, since more can show the best result, but also load your deposit.
2. Do not work when news are going! Avoid the news, this will give you the opportunity not to burden yourself psychologically, and save your deposit.
3. Do not operate by signal when you assume that a sharp motion is planned!
4. Skip next signal after minus (rate + catch) for this currency
Installing Hlock indicator for binary options mt4 charts
What follows below are the easy steps to install the forexsmartpips system to your mt4 platform. This should only take 5 minutes of your time.
Step 1. Download hlock indicator for binary and save it on your computer.
Step 2. Extract the hlock indicator for binary into a folder
Step 3. Go to the folder you have just extracted
Step 4. Copy hlock indicator for binary, to your meta trader indicators folder :
The indicator is usually located at C:\Program Files\Meta Trader 4\expert\indicators
Step 5. The indicator is usually located at C:\Program Files\Meta Trader 4\templates
You are done with the installation process.
In the Pictures Hlock indicator for binary options in action.

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