AlliTrend Forex System

Allitrend forex system is a trading system based on trend following indicators market reversal indicators. The purpose is find the best moment to trade in real market visually on the chart with friendly interface. Sell when market is overbought under longtrend down.and buy when market is oversold under longtrend this way it can maximize profit probability,reducing drowdown and save the time.
Time is money.What Can we think when we can only trade once/week caused by negative floating position than trade three or more times with the same period.Of Course,we can get the profit probability three times or more.
Features of allitrend 2.0:

1. No repaint indicators

If you think to frustrated with repainting indicators,now you do not worry ,it might be your answer because all of them do not repaint.

2. Trend follower system

You will trade confidently with the system.Note That trend is friend.

3. User friendly chart make trading activity easily and enjoyable.

No complicated chart appearance.

4. Low drawdawn.

Trade effectively with low drawdown.Because The system provide signals only when the market reversed under the right trend.

5. Multi level range channel.

Useful to identify the current market range,identify take profit and stop loss ,for trailing step and also support and resistance.These Informations are important to master the market.

6. You can still make a profit even if the market flat/sideways.

7. Pivot level.

We also complete this system with pivot level indicator in order to collect more informations from the market through the chart.

8. For any pair and any timeframe.

Every trader has different kind of trading character with some possible reasons of each other.The System can be used on m1 and m5 for scalping,m15 to h1 for daily trading and h1 above for long trading term.
Metatrader 4 indicators:
Alli trend pivot
Allitrend histo period 160,
Allitrend middle range period 160.
Allitrend signal arrow.
Rsi filter
Trading rules allitrend forex system
Trend following
Allitrend histo period 16 blue line
Allitrend signal buy arrow.
Rsi within 5 bars before the signal was 30 or less than 30.
Allitrend histo period 16 red line
Allitrend signal red arrow.
Rsi within 5 bars before the signal was 70 or more than 70 .

Trend reversal (Best Strategy)
Time frame 15 min or higher
definition of the level of risk
last band or penultimate band Lower / upper
price goes beyond the lower bandwidth or the last depends on personal risk level.
Buy arrow of trend signal.
RSI = <30.
price goes beyond the upper bandwidth or the last depends on personal risk level.
sell arrow of trend signal.
RSI = >30.
Stop loss and take profit on the next/previous band.
Stop loss also on the previous swing High/Low.
This reversal strategy is profitable.

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