Scalper Pro Strategy

Scalper Pro strategy is for trades on short time like 5 min or 1 min and the trading system is based on the following metatrader 4 indicators: Scalper Pro,, MACD, CCI and slow Moving Average that 's also an dynamic level of support and resistance.This is a trend following strategy.
Time frame 1 min, 5 min and 15 min.
Currency pairs majors with slow spreads.
Sessions: London and New York.
Plataform: Metatrader 4.
Metatraders 4 indicators
Scalper Pro period 3, stop loss 50, profit target 100.
Exponential moving average 200 period.
CCI Histogram: Period A 50, Period B 12, neutral 6 (optional).
MACD alert (12,26,9).
Trading rules Scalper Pro Strategy
MACD alert green line upward.
Scalper Pro indicator MT4 green line.
CCI histogram above zero line or blue bar histogram (this is optional).
The candle price is above 200 exponential moving average.

MACD alert red line downward.
Scalper Pro indicator MT4 red line.
CCI histogram below zero line or red bar histogram (this is optional).
The candle price is below 200 exponential moving average.
Exit strategy options:
Initial stop loss on the previous sswing high/low.
Profit Target 1 min 4-8 pips, 5 min 5-14 pips, 15 min 9 -18 pips depends by currency pairs.

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