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15 pips Trading Scalping

15 pips trading scalping is a combination of 3 indicators that show the trading signals of entry, confirmation and exit. 15 pips trading sc...

15 pips trading scalping is a combination of 3 indicators that show the trading signals of entry, confirmation and exit. 15 pips trading scalping system has complete rules regarding entry and exit strategies.
Scalping features with 15 pips trading system.
Platform: MetaTrader4
Trading pairs: main pairs with low spreads
Trading time: European and American sessions
Time interval M5 and above
Indicator MT4 description: developed by team of Forex Strategies Resources, a trading system 15 pips for scalping applies 3 indicators, namely Arrows And Curves, freescalpingindicator and BarTimer. Arrows And Curves displays the up arrow (blue) and the down arrow (red) and the price channel curves.
The second indicator, the freescalping indicator, appears in the secondary window as an area chart that is almost the same as the MACD. Finally,
BarTimer is divided into 2 parts: the graph appears as a speed meter and a percentage number.
Trading Rules 15 min Trading scalping
Trading signals generated through the indicators presented in this trading system, there are 3 types of signals that can be obtained.
First, the input signal is obtained from the red and blue arrows displayed by the ArrowAndCurves indicator.
Secondly, the confirmation signal is generated by the freescalping and BarTimer indicators.
Thirdly, it is possible to obtain an output signal from the green curve of the ArrowAndCurves indicator. Following this explanation, here are the trading rules of the 15 pips scalping system:
Long entry:
1. A blue arrow appears on the chart
2. The freescalping indicator area in the green secondary window
3. Open the position in the next candle after the blue arrow
4. Determine the 15 pips Take Profit
5. Set Stop Loss in the lower curve of the arrows and curves
Short Entry:
1. A red arrow appears on the chart
2. The area of ​​the freescalping indicator in the red secondary window
3. Open the position of the next candle after the red arrow
4. Determine the Take Profit 15 pips
5. Set the Stop Loss on the upper curve of arrows and curves.
With detailed entry, exit and features rules, it is clear that the 15 pips trading system offers a complete solution for scalpers. The indicators of this system have been effectively adapted to facilitate the need for scalping analysis which favors short-term opportunities. Furthermore, recommended trading sessions, pairs and platforms are highly adapted to the preferred choices of most traders. To increase the chances of success, the provider of this system strongly emphasizes the importance of using low-spreading major pairs, considering that in general pairs of that type are considered the best for scalping, Furthermore, make sure you have followed all the trading rules described above. Even if the input signal has appeared, do not act before the signal is validated by the confirmation indicator.
15 pips Trading Scalping

15 pips Trading Scalping

15 pips Trading Scalping

How to install a 15 pip trading system on MT4
Download the trading system Extract the files that have been downloaded In it you will find the "15 Pips Forex Scalping" system folder containing the "MQL4" and "models" folders.
Open MetaTrader 4 Select the "File" menu, then click on "Open data folder"
Find the "15 Pips Forex Scalping" folder,
then open the "MQL4" folder first.
Continue on "Indicators", then copy all the files
Next, you need to go back to the MetaQuotes terminal
Click on "MQL4", select the "Indicators" folder,
then paste all the files there
Next, go back to the "15 pips Forex Scalping" folder ",
then open the" templates "folder Copy the" 15 Pips Forex Scalping System "file into it Return to the MetaQuotes terminal,
then select the" templates "folder Paste the file you copied into the Close MT4 folder
Reopen your MT4 platform In the window "Navigator", look for the system indicators Arrows And Curves, BarTimer and freescalping Drag and drop each indicator on the graph.
In each dialog box that appears, don't forget to check the "Allow DLL imports" box before clicking "OK". The indicators for the 15 pips scalping trading system are ready to use. 

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