Trend Symphony Indicator MT4

Trend Symphony Indicator MT4 is a trend following indicator based on moving averages.
Features of Trend Symphony Indicator MT4
Type: Trend following
Currency pairs:any
Time Frame any.
Terminal: metatrader 4
draw arrows when the moving averages agree.
These modern indicator of moving averages allow you to enter the trend with less lag. The most versatile and useful trend indicator. Custom Moving Averages include HMA, JMA, KAMA, DEMA and many more.
The Trend Symphony indicator gives you a signal (you will receive visual, audio, push and email alerts) when the long term trend, medium term trend and short term trend are agree.
When all the trends match, it means that there is a high probability that the price will move strongly in that particular direction.
Trend Symphony allows you to define 3 moving averages: fast, average and slow.
For each of them, you can choose from ten types of moving averages.
In the pictures Trend Symphony Indicator MT4.

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