Forex Trend Trading Dashboard

Forex Trend Trading Dashboard Indicator is atrend following indicator. The indicator draw below the chart an dashboard that ccans all pairs and aìll timeframes for high-probability setups that appear during big market trends: new trend setups, pullback setups, and breakout setups
the trend trading dashboard scans in real time all pairs and timeframes for 3 kinds of trend-trading setups: the beginning of new market trends… and pullback setups… and breakout setups…
” then, it displays all of these high-probability setups on a beautiful, convenient dashboard. So you can easily see which setup has recently formed on the pair you’d like to trade.
” Most traders overlook some of the best trading opportunities that an established trend offers. But not you… You can spot them all with the new Trend Trading Dashboard…
” We’ve specifically programmed the indicator so it’s able to identify not one, but TWO types of REAL breakouts in the direction the trend. And from our research, these two types of trend-following breakouts are the absolute best in terms of accuracy and overall profitability.
” When Better Trend Trading indicator finds a breakout with great profit potential, it will print a signal on your chart. So you can take advantage of these trade opportunities with great timing.
How to install Forex Trend Trading Dashboard
Installing Forex Trend Trading Dashboard To Your MT4 Charts
What follows below are the easy steps to install the Forex Trend Trading Dashboard to your MT4 platform. This should only take 5 minutes of your time.
Step 1. Download Forex Trend Trading and save it on your computer.
Step 2. Extract the Forex Trend Trading Dashboard .zip into a folder
Step 3. Go to the folder you have just extracted
Step 4. Copy the indicator, to your Meta Trader indicators folder : The indicator is usually located at C:\Program Files\Meta Trader : The indicator is usually located at C:\Program Files\Meta Trader 4\templates You are done with the installation process.
In the pictures Forex Trend Trading Dashboard.

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